Welcome to the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar’s

in South Africa

24 May 2021 – 06 August 2021 & 23 May 2022 – 05 August 2022 (2 session Tertianship)

29 September 2021 – 20 March 2022 – applications open

The next two-session tertianship will begin 23 May 2023 – 05 August 2023 – applications open


Views overlooking the sea

Find out about the details of the Tertianship Programme, such as dates and application process.

Views overlooking the sea
Photo Gallery

Look at some of the photographs of our Tertianship and its beautiful surroundings.

A tranquil place to reflect and pray

Apart from the scenic setting on the beach and the warm weather, the Tertianship features a fine sacred art collection from the South African artist Joseph Capelle, whose religious depictions of the Stations of the Cross exist in various Churches and Chapels around South Africa to as far as the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The Tertianship is proud and grateful to host a chronological representative sample of his work throughout his life.

We also have selections from other Southern African artists like Anthony Watsham SJ FRES, Ezequiel Mabote and Ndabuko Ntuli, among others.

The School of the Heart

The programme follows the common tertianship programme of the Society of Jesus with a particular emphasis on the African experience of the Society of Jesus. It is essentially the ‘school of the heart’ for the Jesuit at the end of his primary formation as St Ignatius desired; it aims to create a community of priest and brother tertians through a mutual sharing of our Jesuit life stories and prayer. The consideration of our own life story and that of St Ignatius with the experience of the Spiritual Exercises seeks to integrate the life of each tertian for final incorporation into the Society. A study of the Constitutions, General Congregations, history of the Society, Vows and administration of the Society is an integral part of the tertianship.

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