September update

The programme scheduled for September 2020 is cancelled because of the COVID-19 restrictions in place in South Africa.

Please see this page for further details about the upcoming Tertianship opportunities:

  • 20 September 2021 – 19 March 2022 – applications open
  • 24 May 2021 – 2 August 2021 & 23 May 2022 – 2 August 2022 (2 session Tertianship) – applications open

March Update

The JCAM Cape Town Tertians returned from their experiments on the 24th of February and  have spent the week reflecting on the experiences in the light of the overall Tertianship programme. All expressed their thanks for their welcome and stay in the Jesuit communities in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as with the Sisters of Nazareth in Cape Town. All went well with the various works with refugees, homeless, parishes, orphans and aged and the Parliamentary Liaison Office and the Jesuit Institute. There was the odd skirmish with police road blocks and con artists at taxi ranks in Johannesburg. Many of the Tertians covered great distances walking to work and experiencing the street life of the towns.

This Tertianship ends on 15th March 2020. 

Here are some pictures of the Tertians at work in very diverse situations, as we reported in the last update.

Matthew Pyrc conducting a discernment workshop with the Jesuit Institute South Africa in Alexandra Johannesburg.
Chikere Agbo going off with the parish priest and parishioners to bless the vines in Stellenbosch


February Update

David Harold-Barry (ZIM), the superior of Silveira House, and Jean Luc Enyegue (AOC), the director of the Jesuit Historical Institute in Nairobi, spent two weeks with the Tertians impressively presenting the history of the Society.  The two weeks were interrupted with a beautiful day on Table Mountain, which Mike and the young men climbed. The old man wisely took the cableway.
After the presentation on history, the Tertians departed for their month’s experiments. They are spread throughout South Africa. Ignatius Tambudzai is at the Night Shelter in Stellenbosch (run by civil society) all night and returns to the Tertianship at CBC Paradyskloof each morning. When Chikere Agbo goes to work at St Nicholas Parish, he has already been out to bless the vines for this years harvest.
In Cape Town, Cyprien Ranaivotratra, Mark Luedke, and Joestanis Okoye, have gone to help the Sisters of Nazareth with the children and old people. Nshimbi Kabamba is working with the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office.
In Johannesburg, Matthew Pyrc is with the Institute at Auckland Park. Egide Ndiyisenga walks to and from the parish in Braamfontein every day, where he helps Norbert Munekani and David Rowan. Hubert Ralaivao is working with JRS, who are in the throes of moving from Murray House to Rosettenville, apart from looking after migrants.
All are due back at the Tertianship on 23 February to conclude the final three weeks of the programme.

The Tertianship concludes on the 15 March 2020.

The next Tertianship will commence on 20 September 2020 at Zinkwazi. Please see some of the photos from the new Tertianship below: