Request for Prayers

Cape Town Tertianship Group 2019-2020
Mike Lewis (SAF), Joestanis Okoye (ANW), Cyprien Ranaivotratra (MDG), Jim McGloin (ZAM), Ignatius Tambudzai (ZIM), Matthew Pyrc (UWE), Kabamba Nshimbi (ZAM), Mark Luedtke (UMI), Chikere Agbo (ANW), Hubert Ralaivao (MDG), Egide Ndayisenga (RWB)

The Spiritual Exercises for the Tertians in Stellenbosch, South Africa begin on Sunday evening, 20 October, and will continue until 20 November.  The Tertians and their Directors would be grateful if you would remember them in your prayers especially during this time.

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